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Be Nice to One Another...It's Not Difficult

Be Nice to others FOR NO REASON.

This is an important message I want all of you to take in and understand. Being nice is not a difficult thing to do. Being nice doesn't mean you need to sacrifice everything for someone or to do something beyond your means for a person. No, being nice means merely not being rude, ignorant, miserable, or any other politically correct synonym to the word "asshole" to others.

Why is it so Important to be Nice? 

Simply put, being a nice person to someone might help them if they are feeling down on themselves; especially for someone who may suffer from a mental health issue that you are aware or unaware about. Your impact on people is more significant than you think and it's important to be mindful of your importance. 

Ask yourself, what was your last interaction with someone close to you? How did that go? Think about how much time you spent with that person and what you discussed. Did you compliment more or tear down more? Were you more apathetic or compassionate? Were you even actively listening to them or were you pulling out a few words of what they said and responding with blanket responses like "Oh weird" or "Oh awesome"? 

If you were not compassionate or complimentary of that person think about how they might feel about that. Spoiler alert, probably not good at all. If you're asking yourself "Well, why does that person still associate with me?". Here's your answer; that person is comfortable with you and is either scared to lose you as a friend because it will take them out of their comfort zone or that person is used to being torn down that they don't know any better. 

Suicide Prevention Month 

September is Suicide Prevention Month and it's important to ask yourself if you think anyone in your life may have contemplated self-harm or suicide. Have you had that conversation with that person about it? Are you scared to do so? Do you live in a bubble where you think things like this don't occur? Find your way out of that bubble and do more.

Compliment. Build people up. Make jokes and fool around but make sure to balance that out by giving your loved ones your utmost attention and love. You have NO IDEA how valuable you can be to that person, and you can even save their life. There are countless cases of people who have stopped themselves from committing suicide because of one event, one call, one sentence, even ONE WORD. Now ask yourself again, do you know how important you can be in saving someone's life by just being a nice person to them? 

How to Be Nice 

Simple. Stop being an asshole. Stop trolling others excessively. You're not as funny as you think you are. You are causing excessive harm to someone's mental health by tearing them down regularly. 

How to Make a Change

Now I'm talking to you. The person reading this post and thinking, "Yes, why is it so hard for people to be nice to me? Why do people take advantage of me? Why do I let myself get hurt by people so much?". I'm with you, and that is why I am writing this, and I want you to stick with me and know that the reason I started DREAM was to give myself a voice to help people have these conversations about mental health and suicide prevention. I have also hurt others in the past with my words. I've been a bully unknowingly sometimes because I thought I was funny. However, I become aware of the things I was doing, and I went back to that person and apologized. It may not have seemed like it was a big deal in retrospect but I know that the people I have apologized to in the past for going too far have appreciated my level of empathy.

Recently, I came out to everyone about my mental health battle. A lot of people have started to understand why I am the way that I am but a lot of people still do not understand, and that is okay. We can't expect people to change overnight, but if we make changes to the way we react, then we might be able to help them while also helping ourselves. 

The most ironic thing I see on social media, politics and even pop culture is people who are known to bully one another posting about how bullying is wrong. These are the people you immediately need to separate yourself from until they figure out their level of hypocrisy. It may be hard to get out of your comfort zone but DO IT. Don't be afraid. Don't let people break you down. I know it's easier said than done but instead of holding it in and making it eat away at you stand up and fight back. Tell that person you love that they are not a nice person to you. If you elicit a negative reaction from that person, I want you not to back down. Keep going until that person realizes their mistake. If they never do then you know it's time to move on from them and find people who respect you. I guarantee you will be happier every day when you realize you are surrounded by people who understand and respect you for who you are despite any issues you may have.

Next Steps

Starting today, I want you to do three things:

1.) Open up to people about what you are going through. 

Are you battling depression? Have you thought about harming yourself? Has suicide crossed your mind? Open up about it to everyone you can. I guarantee you will find someone to help you. If you can't find someone in your circle, then get out of that circle and look deeper. Come to me...I'll listen to you...I'll help. You're not alone in your battle. 

2.) Don't repress your emotions, let them out even if you feel that you will be judged. 

People will call you sensitive. People will call you an emotional wreck. People will also tell you that you're overreacting. Guess what...who cares? Let people know about these issues because over time it will hit them that they might be a problem. 

3.) Reach out to others if you feel they are in trouble.

You can turn that person's day around. You can increase their level of happiness. You can even save a life. Be aware of your surroundings and your actions and understand how important you are to people and I promise you that you will help create a better world. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully, this will impact your life in someway. DREAM is more than just a clothing brand. I want to help be the change I want to see in the world and that change starts with being nicer to one another all the time. 

Never stop Dreaming, Dreamers. 

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