D.R.E.A.M.’s Plans Moving Forward

Before we get into our plans, I wanted to once again pour my heart out to every single person who has supported DREAM so far. When we started this back in December I never thought we would have came so far so fast. Whether you bought a sticker, shirt, hat, or even donated directly to our partners, I sincerely appreciate you. 

As you may know we hit our donation goal in March a week before the month was over. We have now raised over $500 for the ADAA which means we are now officially able to fund cutting edge research for research and programming for anxiety, depression and related disorders. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression this means a lot to me and our entire cause.

It’s quite ironic how much anxiety D.R.E.A.M has given me so far. I have been pouring all of my free time into this and plan on putting more work into it because I know the more I grind the more people we can reach out to and help. 

1.) April Plans & Donation Goal

At the end of April we want to have raised at least $1000. In order to accomplish this we have expanded our product line to now offer beanies, more hats, iPhone covers, and more t-shirt designs. We will also start discounting winter items as the weather gets warmer.

2.) Mystery Boxes

We have had plenty of requests to start doing Mystery boxes with our clothing. We plan on doing this later on in Spring or Early Summer. 

3.) Summer Clothing

Our Summer Collection will be announced right before Memorial Day and we will start taking pre-orders then. We plan on adding new shirts, tanktops, etc. 

4.) Women’s Line

This has been a priority for me and I plan on announcing this very soon. Although I consider all of our clothing unisex, I plan on making exclusive designs for our women’s line.

Also, we plan on working with other non-profit organizations very soon in order to expand our overall reach globally. Although we are a streetwear and fashion company, the mission will never steer away from spreading Mental Health Awareness and doing our part into helping the whole world keep their dreams alive and not give up. 

Thank you all...never stop dreaming. 

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