The End Game

What is Your End Game with DREAM?

This is a valid question and one that I have received multiple times from friends, family, loyal supporters, and mentors of mine.

As of September 2018, I can honestly say I did not think DREAM would be at the level it is right now. Over 3,000 supporters, multiple designs that have become fan favorites, the incredible connections we've made with popular personalities who are also passionate about Mental Health Awareness, and of course, and the fact that by the end of September we are likely going to have hit a $7500+ donation mark. 

At this point, I am now as confident as ever that we will be growing rapidly and that I need to make some changes. People who ordered during Labor Day will be getting their order in the middle of September with some of those new changes. Some of the new changes include a change in our packaging and our tags. Our new tags will not only give washing instructions but they will also be sewn on so that you could easily see our message and the size of your garment. 

We are also going to do our best to increase turnaround times to make sure preorders are sent out quicker than ever. 

Finally, we are going to start expanding the product line even more by now adding backpacks, side bags, tracksuits, athletic wear, and more. 

In terms of the fashion portion, the end game is simple; we want to be the first choice in a brand you support for your casual and streetwear needs and have the whole world learn about us and what we are all about. 

In terms of the end game with DREAM, there is no end game until I fix a problem that I have noticed for years. No one reaches out to help one another. Communication is awful. Men talking about their mental health issues comes with a lot of insecurity. Women are too afraid to speak up about their issues as well because they might be labeled as "attention seekers" or "victims". 

Enough is enough and it's time for a change. The end goal of DREAM is to open up that conversation and make our world connect like no way before. In 5 years I want DREAM to be the hub for people to come in and find a way to talk to someone about their mental health issues and be walked through it rather than to be ignored. I want DREAM to provide value to our entire world in that way and I will not stop until we do. I also want to go around from campus to campus around the world discussing the importance of not bullying or triggering others in a way that may produce a negative outcome for two parties or more. 

At DREAM, the mission has and always will be to connect our world in a way to help keep the dream alive for everyone no matter how difficult it will be to do so.