100 Setbacks... D.R.E.A.M. Clothing

100 Setbacks...

To say these past few months have been difficult would be an understatement. Our designs always have a story to tell and most of the time, that story reflects what we as a team are going through. 

With that being said, it's time to introduce to you our newest design; 100 Setbacks. 

100 Setbacks Is a Reflection of Now

2022 seems to be almost as bad as 2020 for millions of people. Our world is suffering the strongest of economic changes. In the U.S. the Supreme Court decided to turn the clocks back 60 years by overturning Roe v Wade. COVID is still running rampant. Thousands of large companies are having company wide layoffs. Unemployment rates are going higher. There is very little to be confident and excited about right now in the world...but that's not what we are about here at DREAM. 

Your feelings during all these changes are valid. No one should tell you how you should or shouldn't feel with everything going on. However, we want to be here to motivate you to look at everything that is happening and provide you the strength to keep moving forward.

No matter how many setbacks you may face, you should never yield to the pain and pressure and give up. 

100 Setbacks is all about not giving up. You've heard that theme from our designs before right? Well, it's an important thing to us because this world would be so much worse without you in it and you know it. 

In our effort to make smaller collections with more unique pieces, we are limiting this collection to only 5 pieces. It will be a limited edition collection. Why? Well, we've been teasing and working on a lot right now and in order to make sure we are on top of inventory we are going to be doing more limited edition drops for the time being. 

Message from Sammy 

I just want to let you all know that the last few posts received a lot of love and attention from our audience. You have no idea how much I love you all. I know to most of you I'm just the guy behind the brand, but to those who constantly send me notes of love and admiration, I love you all. You make me want to keep going everyday. My battle with anxiety and depression has been a long road. I'm doing my best to keep moving forward with all of my setbacks I'm facing and I swear on everything I will not only do it for my family but for all of you as well. 

I do have something coming soon that will help facilitate my vision for what DREAM is about and hopefully all the hard work we put into it will be well worth it. 

Together, we will break the stigma and never give up on ourselves no matter how many setbacks we face. 

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  • Saladd

    Wonderful design and message <3 these past few years have been horrid but hey, we’re still here :)

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