An Open Letter to All DREAM Supporters.

About 2 weeks ago we sent out an e-mail discussing this open letter and I had to change some things and not be as transparent as I normally like to be. 
We are currently in the middle of figuring out all of the issues that have been plaguing us in the last year or so. This entire operation has been nothing short of exhausting on not only my physical but mental well being. You don't know how much pain it brings me to have to disappoint other people. Whether it be your product going out of stock, being delayed, or something not fitting right it, it hurts us (especially me) as much as it hurts you. 
As of now it seems like a lot of the problems I have discussed a few weeks ago will be resolved. We will be able to handle just about anything and hopefully, I can climb out of this funk that I've been dealing with. 
Between me and all of you reading this, I need to go back to therapy. I have been avoiding it because I'm scared of what is going to come out with all that i've dealt with recently but I have too...and you should too. We should find ways to hold each other accountable for it.
I've been working on so much lately but with all that I've been battling with it's been so hard to get my mind in the right place and focus. My entire point here is to let you all know that I appreciate all of your kind words for what I sent last week for those who read it. Yes, we are in a rut and shit has been REALLY tough to juggle. But who would I be if I didn't find my way out of this hole. We will all do it together and hopefully, we keep pushing forward better than ever. 
5 Years Ago, I set off on a journey to follow my passions and my dreams. Marrying both clothing and mental health was a big deal for me because I know that the only way, I get to get my message out is with art and design. When I set out to do this, I never thought it would get to the level it is now. There have been a lot of bumps on the road, and I want to talk about some of those today.

To grow a brand in this country, you need to make a lot of sacrifices. Starting a business is a big challenge, and there have been times where I have felt overwhelmed. The last few months have been especially tough, and I have had to make some difficult decisions.

Now more than ever we'd appreciate your support. If you read this long use code DREAMB20 FOR 20% OFF. Thank you <3.



  • Kristin Wright

    Sorry to here Sammy. Keep on dreaming, thank you for all you do for the brand and the awesome t shirts

  • Jose

    Transparency and communications is key, it amazes me how you still run everything and still be so transparent with the community you built, we might have been annoyed with some delays, yet it does not take more than a few words to understand and comprehend what is going on. Congrats on the newborn, I know right now the path might look very hard to climb, the view yet will be worth it all <3 love to you all!

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