How DREAM Plans on Tackling Tough Times D.R.E.A.M. Clothing

How DREAM Plans on Tackling Tough Times

They say tough times don't last but tough people do, and here at DREAM I am confident in saying that our team could withstand the force of the 300 Spartans. DREAM is more than just a brand, we are a movement and that movement can not stop even when times are tough. 

I know we've been trying really hard lately to keep up with everything. As someone who personally battles Anxiety for over 20 years, the passion that I have for all this is way too important for me to just sit around and wait for change. I know something must be done in order to help our supporters and the world. 

For the first time in 3 years I am ashamed of saying I do not think we will surpass our donation goals or get anywhere near them from last year. But, there is still another half of the year left and hopefully we can make an impact. Here is how we plan on doing it.


Convincing someone to fall in love with our clothes and designs is the easiest thing for us to do. No brand puts this much love, thought, and passion into all our designs the way we do. Everything has a story behind it and everything means more than just slapping our logo and saying "buy this". However, we know with the economic conditions right now it may be tough to swallow paying so much. 

For the time being, because our donation goals and overall impact are our #1 priority right now, we are going to make things a little easier for people. We offer Klarna and Shop Pay already as pay as you go options to make paying a bit more comfortable for our clothing, but we are also going to make slight and temporary pricing adjustments so you can enjoy our clothing without worrying about paying other things in your life. We don't want you to sacrifice enjoying what you wear. 


We have come out with some new designs this year but it also kind of feels like we are just releasing the same things over and over again. The supply chain issues really caused that with us not being able to produce as many color block hoodies, shorts, flannels, etc. as we wanted. 

Next week we will be releasing a new design called "100 Setbacks". It is going to be a new design and something we think you will all love. We also have limited edition tie-dye tees coming out in a few weeks as well that are all brand new designs and dye concepts. You will also be seeing us release a lot more tees and summer items. We know you love our hoodies, they aren't going anywhere but as of now I don't think many people want to wear hoodies with the heat wave slowly approaching. 

Rather than doing 6-7 piece drops for ONE design you will see us do 8 piece drops with MULTIPLE designs. You won't have as many options but let's be real, everyone loves tie-dye or black (based on what our analytics say) so I'm sure you will be very happy with what we got going on. 

We also have another major license coming in August. If you're into anime, you might be really excited for this. 

Customer Service

Yeah, I won't lie...we kinda suck at this. We had a team working for us (3 people) and they were not doing much. It took a while to find out and I take all personal responsibility on that. However, we now have a new person handling customer service and he is an absolute rockstar. We are flying through tickets and requests and making sure no one is left unsatisfied. 

If you are scared to buy because of customer service, don't be. We are adjusting our return policy to make things easier and quicker for you all. We are also working very hard on getting products out quicker as well. 

DREAM in 2023

I'm confident that in 2023 the tides will turn and hopefully things go back to normal in our world. I'm a dreamer...so I will continue to dream. 

This Holiday season you are going to see a major shift in DREAM. We have been working on something for a while and it will be there for you all to see very soon. We are also going to be moving to a seasonal drop schedule. Once every season (with small drops mixed in for licenses, promotional products, collabs etc.). You will have your choice of over 35-50+ new products every season. We will make sure to have enough demand for you all but due to the nature of the fashion industry we are also going to be shifting towards one-time releases. 

Staple items will stay around and be around year long and we will do a great job of letting you know what is or isn't limited. 


I haven't done a really good job of putting myself out there as much. Part of it is my own insecurities and social anxiety...but it's time I do more. You will be seeing and hearing from me a lot more. We are working on bringing back the DREAM Podcast, a YouTube channel, and potentially streaming again. I feel like I have so much to share with the world and I want to make a change so I need to let my voice out. Every strong clothing brand has a strong owner and I need to show my passion and love for DREAM to you all on a daily basis and I will make sure that happens. 

I'm also going to try and be more patient. Do less while doing more. This is my ode to you all that I will fight until my dying breath to make sure DREAM achieves all the goals I set forth for this brand in 2017. Your support is what will help us do just that. 

With all that being said I want to take this time to shoutout a few special people who have kept me grounded during this time. My wife is my power source. Without her, I would not be as driven. Thank you babe for all you do to keep me happy. My two sons, I love you both. You can't read but one day when you're both running this you'll know how hard daddy worked to make a difference in this world. To my DREAM team, thank you for making me feel confident all the time. The world is not ready for what you are working on now. 

Also, to all the DREAM supporters, you give me the strength love and confidence to keep going every single day. Whether you buy 1 sticker or a full set of clothes, just know I love you all for putting your trust and faith in me and all I stand for. 

It's late and this is when my mind works so I hope you can read through this all.

Never Stop Dreaming, 
Sammy Dreamin'

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