The State of DREAM D.R.E.A.M. Clothing

The State of DREAM

This year has been a major struggle for all smaller brands and we are unfortunately part of that mix. We fixed all of our issues with the supply chain and even made countless efforts to improve our products across the board.

However, everything just seems to be getting more difficult to navigate during these times. It seems that more businesses are starting to layoff more staff across the board. Gas prices are very high. All equities markets have taken a hit. The world economy is not doing so well right now due to inflation. None of this should be seen as political because the last thing we need right now in this world is a political battle. To say right now is tough would be a complete understatement...but DREAM was founded during my darkest of times and I will not let this bring us down. Tough times can't handle tough people and we are tougher than anything. 

As a small brand that stands for Mental Health Awareness and helping people find the help they need to get better, we will continue to move forward as best we can. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to deliver amazing licensed merchandise over the next few months. One collaboration will be out in August and a lot of anime fans will truly enjoy it. We also will continue to be releasing more Care Bears licensed items in the coming weeks. We are going to keep moving forward and providing you with the best quality clothing we can. 

In the next few weeks you will see us update our offering with a lot of legacy designs. Why are we doing that? Well we sent out a survey a few weeks ago and a lot of people said they love what DREAM does because we have clothing for everyone. Lately, it seems as though we backed ourselves into a corner with our offering and have not been able to keep so much of the things people loved in stock. 

Starting next week you will see new versions and limited edition tie-dye and/or color block variants to designs like Open Your Eyes, Rising Sun, Undaunted, BFMMH, Handle With Care, and more. We truly hope you get to enjoy all of these and help support us during this tumultuous time. 

We do NOT want to have our own layoffs and we do NOT want to give up on what we do. We want to continue to donate and help pay for therapy as best as we can (although we will likely fall short on our goals this year by a lot). 

Your support is what will keep us going. Whether it is by sharing our products, giving us a like or positive comment, or picking up something you've had your eye on for a while. YOU will keep us moving forward. 

Giving up is not an option. Fighting through the pain is what will make us stronger. 

Never Stop Dreaming & Love Forever,

Sammy Dreamin'

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  • Brittney p

    I absolutely love your clothes! I have quite a bit of stuff from you all. All seriousness, wearing your clothes brings me serotonin. I love how they feel and the designs. I wish I could afford more. Thank you and hopefully you all can keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Derek C

    Literally all of my clothes I wear on a daily basis is a design from you guys. The messages behind the clothes and the effort you guys put into helping people with mental health struggles has been an inspiration. I was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a year ago so the unfocused design is my mantra. My first shirt I bought years ago was the design with a yellow rose and on the back it was a smiley face that said “they told me to follow my dreams, but they never told me nightmares are dreams too.” I still have that shirt and it has held up perfectly all these years. I recommend this brand to everyone I see and have sent people to the website countless times. I can’t say enough good things about you. I hate to hear the hard times have hit you guys as well, but all the love and support is being sent your way from me. Thanks for all your hard work and keep DREAMING.

  • Airon Hardy

    You guys are the only mental health awareness organization I’ve found that does clothing (no I don’t go looking for them) but I’m glad I found you guys, and the work you guys do is beyond amazing! Great quality clothing, customer service is OUTSTANDING and you guys really try your best to give your all into your products. I greatly appreciate you guys, and I’m definitely buying what’s in my cart to help out, I’ve waited and waited, but I got you!! The leave me alone hoodies are amazing so I know what’s in my cart is just as good. Thank you, Sammy Dreamin’ and his DREAM TEAM💕💕

  • Matt P

    Love this!! Keep up the amazing work you and the team do! Love you! <3

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