5 Best Songs To Aid Your Battle with Mental Illness

Here at DREAM, we are all about finding ways to not only help raise awareness about Mental Health disorders and mental illnesses, but we also want to help find natural solutions as well. Music is a very powerful tool that can help or hurt us. There are plenty of songs out there that can do both, but we wanted to come up with a list of our five favorite songs that paint a picture of a certain type of illness and can help provide comfort to someone struggling. 

1.) Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid


As a hip-hop artist, Logic has done it all and took over the game ever since his first Young Sinatra mixtape. In 2017 he released 1-800-273-8255 that helped raise a lot of awareness towards the everyday struggle millions of people go through. This was not only a hit on the charts but also brought a lot of attention to the importance of Mental Health. 

Our Favorite Part of the song comes from young artist Khalid. 

Pain doesn't hurt the same, I know
The lane I travel feels alone
But I'm moving 'til my legs give out
And I see my tears melt in the snow
But I don't wanna cry
I don't wanna cry anymore
I wanna feel alive
I don't even wanna die anymore
Oh I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna
I don’t even wanna die anymore

2.) Linkin Park (ft. Kiiara) - Heavy


We miss you, Chester. May you forever rest in peace.

Heavy is a challenging song to listen to if you are battling with depression. Heavy depicts depression in such an accurate way. Even though we hold on tight to everything in life that is supposed to keep us going after a while it could get too heavy to hold on also. That is why we sometimes need that extra love and attention in our life to carry the burden off of us. I hope that Heavy can inspire people to help do just that. 

3.) Good Charlotte - Hold On

 This song is about suicide prevention, and Good Charlotte does a great job in providing so many reasons to hold on and never let go of your life. The sad part about this song is the first graphic that says "Every 18 minutes Someone Dies from Suicide in the U.S.". That number is 16 minutes now. We need to change that all together. 

Hold on if you feel like letting go, hold on it gets better than you know.

4.) Blink 182 - Adam's Song

Although a happier sounding song, Adam's Song is another song about depression and suicide. This song is all about the feeling of loneliness even in a world full of people and opportunities. Throughout the song, the sense of isolation is discussed, but the ending is where you feel a change in the tone. 

I never conquered, when you came
Tomorrow holds such better days
Days when I can still feel alive
When I can't wait to get outside
The world is wide, the time goes by
The tour is over, I've survived
I can't wait till I get home
To pass the time in my room alone

No matter how hard the days are...survive because tomorrow is a better day.  

5.) Shawn Mendes - In My Blood

There is no song better than In My Blood for people who suffer from anxiety disorder. The entire song paints a perfect picture of the constant battle with anxiety. The music video also depicts this feeling perfectly. However, the best part of this song is when Shawn Mendes sings "Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can't...it isn't in my blood". 

Anxiety is a tough battle and one that's not understood by everyone. Find that person that does understand and have them help you through the battle. Also, never give up no matter how much the walls cave in on you. There are so many avenues to get that help. For every person who can't help you, there is another waiting to help. 

These are our five favorites, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.