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CEO and Founder

Dream Clothing was created in 2017 out of the garage of its owner, Sammy Sucu. Sammy created the brand in an effort to provide a place for those like him to feel heard and seen. His belief that you could display the trials and tribulations of the mental health fight through approachable garments has led to over 500k in donations to various mental health organizations.

He's since been able to bring on a full team of like-minded individuals, who together, approach each day as another opportunity to fight the good fight. Additionally, Dream can now be found at Zumiez stores across the world as well as online.

Despite the brand's growth, the mission has remained the same. Casual, infomative, and fun clothing to help anyone and everyone feel comfortable, both inside and out. We DREAM in all colors, all shapes, and all sizes and we've made every effort to create collections to encourage you to wear your heart (and dream) on your sleeve.

With that said, our fight isn’t finished. Dream’s goal is to continue fighting the stigma through relatable and thoughtful design until mental health struggles are recognized by the masses and treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We hope to inspire you to share our dream; because together, we can save lives.

Do you need help? Check some of the resources below.
Know that we have your back and we’re rooting for you.
Thank you for existing.

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