We Are Dream Clothing

DREAM Clothing is streetwear for everyone. Our clothing is proudly made in WRAP-certified factories and all garments are ethically sourced. All printing, dying, and shipping are done in Los Angeles. For every purchase made we donate 10% of gross sales to our nonprofit partners that help us in our mission to help raise funding and awareness for Mental Health Initiatives.


Check out our most popular collections and find out why our supporters connect with these designs more than anything else.

What Our Supporters Say About Dream

Great Tees

My wife is rather picky about clothes I get her and she sits kinda between sized with a more unique body shape. This shirt fit perfectly though. And even better once I told her the message she liked it even more. It's her night shirt for sure.

— Matthew F

Love This Hoodie!

"I love this hoodie so much I struggle with my own mental health so I’m so happy it donates to help people it is just a little long on my sleeves and at the bottom but I love it because I like how it’s a little long💗"

— Xaria R

Awesome Beanies

"Its a good quality beanie. Nice and thick for winter weather, with enough compression to calm down my many headaches. I absolutely love it."

— Julia F

The Mystery Bags Are Worth It

Absolutely loved my mystery duffel bag purchase! Quality is A+
This is the 2nd mystery purchase I've made and I can't wait to make my next one. 2 hoodies and 2 long sleeves?!!! Heck yeah! I love what the brand stands for, I love the sayings and thought behind their products too! You can feel fully confident when purchasing from this brand for sure.

— Wendi S.

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Available in 70% of Zumiez retail stores and all online, DREAM works exclusively with Zumiez, providing exclusive Items that you can't get anywhere else! Check us out in your local Zumiez Store or online at Zumiez.com