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DREAM Donation Leaderboard and Custom PC Giveaway

Big things are coming to Dream Clothing in the very near future! While we can’t disclose quite what yet, we’re ready to start laying the foundation for what is to come. In order to do that though, we felt we must first pay respects to some of you who helped get us here. Without you Dreamers and your support for Dream Clothing and the fight for Mental Health awareness, we couldn’t do what we do. So sincerely, from the entire team at Dream, thank you so very much! You’ve paved the way for what is to come. As you’ll see reflected on the homepage of our site, we’ve now got a leaderboard that displays the Top 50 Dreamers by donation totals. We wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation for the considerable efforts you’ve made in helping us raise awareness. You deserve that recognition. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new feature to the site that you’ll want to keep a close eye on.

On September 1st, our site will be updated with a refreshed tracker that identifies our highest donors starting August 25th up until 5PM PST on December 7th. Donations will be calculated from the purchases of anything on dreamclothinghq.com over that period. The Top 20 Donors at the end of the campaign will each win a variety of different prizes. The prizes will include shirts, stickers, pins, and more.

However, in addition to prizes, the Top 10 Donors will be entered into a raffle for a Custom Dream Themed PC!* We can’t wait for you to see this thing, it’s a work of art. Stay tuned to the site over the coming weeks and months as we’ll be updating the tracker twice a month to let you know where/if you land in the Top 20. For additional information on the campaign, you can read the footnote below. One last time from the team, thank you for everything! Keep dreaming! *


Prizing for the Top 20 will vary by position on the leaderboard. 11-20 will receive stickers and a lanyard from the announcement that has yet to arrive. 1-10 will receive a t-shirt, stickers and a lanyard as well. In order to be an entrant for the Custom PC, you must finish in the Top 10. The person in 10th position will receive 10 entries in the drawing, with each member ahead of them receiving an additional two entries. For example, the 9th Position will receive 12 entries, the 8th Position will receive 14 entries, and so forth. The winner will be selected at random. Note that any returns on products purchased in the window of entry will not be available for refund after the PC Winner has been selected. In the event an item is damaged and a replacement isn’t available, in-store credit will be provided upon receipt of the returned item(s).

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  • Linnea Garvey

    I love your bad for my mental health hoodie, my girlfriend stole it from me for a little bit now I nabbed it back so she’s going to purchase one hopefully it’s on sale for cyber Monday

  • Aaron Gambrell

    I dream I win this prize as it will help me realize that luck is on the right side

  • Sean Miller

    I love your clothing and on top of that your mission is amazing, something I truly feel a part of in supporting when I wear my hoodies, thanks for letting all customers be a part of something bigger

  • John Millan

    I’m ready to see the big things that are coming!

  • Nate Timmons

    Love the gear, also love donating a percentage to mental health awareness.

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