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DREAM Winter 2024 Designs

First and foremost we want to say thank you to everyone's support during the Black Friday week. We still have deals going and made even more cuts on our Markdowns so check those out while you can.

Let's get into Winter.

I'll Stay By Your Side

This design represents Separation Anxiety, Fear, and Comfort. I'll Stay By Your Side is a message that not only is there to bring reassurance to your loved ones but also a representation that you may need someone to stick by you in times of need.

I'm (Not) OK

This design represents depression and how it is often seen as an issue that is not as important as others. NOT Ok was designed where the "NOT" is embroidered to match the garment color and the OK is visible. Why? Well, we all wear fake smiles often no?

Find Your Peace Black/Grey Flannel (11/30/23)

Do we have to explain this one? Our best-selling flannel ever and we wanted to make a new colorway for it this one really is special. This new batch of flannels we are releasing is better than ever yet again.

New Hooded Flannels (11/30/23)

With our new flannels that are now Ultra Soft, we wanted to make more colorways. We know, that when we first made flannels they were rough. They didn't feel the softest but they were still good. But it wasn't GOOD enough for us. So here's more.


Peanuts x DREAM (Part II)

  • I Know It Gets Better
  • You are a Gift to the World
  • You Are Loved

Yes, 3 new Peanuts designs but we can't show them yet. Sorry. We will show them soon but they will be released in mid-December along with some Christmas-themed newbies.

Head in the Clouds

Head in The Clouds represents daydreaming...with a slightly darker twist. While it may seem like our heads are in the clouds it’s because we also sometimes just want to get away from what's in front of us because reality is often disappointing.

A full lineup will be dropped soon with all garment types, styles, etc. Flannels will be released prior to everything else. Dates and all will be revealed very soon. Thank you all for reading this. Please let us know your favorites.

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