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Mental Health Awareness Month & What it Means for DREAM Clothing D.R.E.A.M. Clothing

Mental Health Awareness Month & What it Means for DREAM Clothing

Mental Health Awareness Month begins on May 1st. Although I feel that people should care about the importance of Mental Health, this month all of us Mental Health advocates have to do our part in making the world know how important this cause is. Here is what we are going to do for Mental Health Month. 

May is the Month We Chase our Dreams 

Not to say we never chase our Dreams, but there are some dreams we have that we put aside for others and this month I vow to chase a dream that I've been putting aside. As an owner of a fashion brand, it may seem weird that I rarely show myself wearing our fashion. This is done on purpose because of how I've been feeling about the way I look lately.

Ever since December 2017, I have gained over 20 pounds. Although I have been doing everything I can to not only improve my mental health but help the cause worldwide, I have put aside my physical health. No more, enough is enough. 

My dream I am chasing in May is to get back in shape and pick up a new hobby that will help with my health. I've done this before in the past where I say I will lose weight and keep a strict diet


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