Peanuts x DREAM Collaboration: Spreading Love and Breaking Barriers through Fashion and Therapy

Exciting news for all Peanuts fans and fashion enthusiasts! DREAM is thrilled to announce its new collaboration with Peanuts, a timeless comic strip beloved by millions around the world. The Peanuts x DREAM collection, aptly named "Let Them Know You Love Them," is set to launch on June 29th at 5 PM PST. This blog post will delve into the details of this exclusive collaboration and the inspiring mission behind it.


Limited Edition Treasures:

In this special drop, DREAM presents an array of limited edition items that pay homage to the Peanuts universe. The standout pieces in the collection include the 5-cent therapist Lucy and Charlie Brown imagery, which captures the endearing dynamics between these beloved characters. Each item has been thoughtfully designed to evoke nostalgia while incorporating modern elements to create a unique and stylish appeal.

Additionally, the collection features Snoopy and Woodstock hats that showcase the lovable duo in all their animated glory. These hats are bound to become coveted collectibles, perfect for Peanuts enthusiasts and anyone seeking to add a touch of whimsy to their wardrobe.

Supporting Accessible Therapy:

One of the most inspiring aspects of this collaboration is DREAM's commitment to giving back. Understanding the financial barriers that prevent many individuals from accessing therapy, DREAM has pledged to donate 15% of sales from the Peanuts x DREAM collection to fund therapy for those in need. By breaking down the financial barrier, DREAM aims to make therapy more accessible and help individuals improve their mental well-being.

The Future of the Collaboration:

The Peanuts x DREAM collaboration doesn't end with this initial drop. Fans can look forward to a second drop in late July or early August, promising more exciting designs and exclusive pieces. This ongoing partnership between DREAM and Peanuts not only celebrates the timeless appeal of Charles M. Schulz's iconic characters but also continues the mission of spreading love, kindness, and support.


The Peanuts x DREAM collaboration marks an exciting chapter for both fans of Peanuts and fashion enthusiasts alike. The "Let Them Know You Love Them" collection encapsulates the heartwarming essence of the Peanuts universe while promoting the important cause of accessible therapy. Through this collaboration, DREAM and Peanuts aim to touch the lives of many individuals and make a positive impact on mental well-being. So mark your calendars for June 29th at 5 PM PST and get ready to experience the magic of Peanuts in a whole new way. Together, let's spread love, break barriers, and make a difference!

(Note: This blog post is a fictional creation and not an actual endorsement or collaboration announcement.)

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