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The Future of Dream Drops & Mental Health Month D.R.E.A.M. Clothing

The Future of Dream Drops & Mental Health Month

Dream Drop Thursday was an event we started in late December of 2018 where we would release a new item every Thursday. This would either be a new design or a new colorway. Although we enjoyed doing these weekly drops they have started to get messy.

For the most part, we have done pre-orders for most of these drops, and we promise about a one to two-week turnaround. Most of our Dreamers acknowledge the fact that there will be a wait and we reward them with preorder bonuses, but others either miss the fact that it is a preorder or does not want to wait longer. It affects the things we are trying to accomplish.

Today we planned on doing our last Dream Drop Thursday but experienced some delays. Instead, we will release two new items tomorrow (after releasing three new things this week), and it will be the last drop for a while. We want to give everyone ample time to be able to choose the shirt and design they want and also be able to deliver them on time and not have to have people deal with long delays & backorders.

As of now, we are behind on backorders because we just ran out of a lot of stuff and we have to wait for our partners to print and make our garments. Part of the reason for running out has to do with me. I have a hard time believing things will sell out when they get released but Bloom Again, all red/black tie-dye and all Heavy Rain tie-dye are entirely sold out, and they sold out within a week or less.

The reason we are going to pull back is to catch up and also provide more significant drops at once and wait until they are ready for release. Our goal is never to do preorders again but still offer bonuses to customers who purchase within a timeframe we offer.

We are also doing a complete overhaul of our website to allow our inventory to be fully transparent to all of you. This site will launch within three weeks from now.

Our next drop after tomorrow will coincide with the release of our new website, and it is an entirely new design that we are excited to show off.


Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, and this year we are ambassadors for NAMI (who run a significant portion of this critical month). We will be doing some limited edition releases this month to help raise funding during this crucial time.

We will also be implementing a leaderboard and rewards program in May and our top supporters each month will start being rewarded with exclusive and custom designs. We want to start paying you all for making our dreams come true of helping the world become a better place.

Our donation goal for May is $10,000. Our highest month of donations was $5300. This goal may seem like an overzealous dream, but with your support and with the limited releases we will have during this time we know we can hit that with no problem.

Thank You

I say this too often but thank you all. You made me believe in myself more than ever. Eighteen months ago I was lost, scared, and felt stuck at a dead end job going with nowhere to grow. Today I feel like I'm making a difference in the world and it almost feels like we're just getting started.

It just goes to show you that as long as you're passionate about something and believe in it enough to set yourself on fire with it, then the sky is the limit.


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