Mental Health Month 2021

May 1st, 2021 is the start of our most important month of the year, Mental Health Month. May is an important month not only for DREAM, but for the entire Mental Health community of advocates. We have been preparing for this month since January and we feel like we have outdone every year so far and we have some huge plans. 

Mental Health Month Drop

Our first drop of the month is a significant one and one we have been building towards for the last few months. Our hashtag we are going to use during this time is #DREAMTOGETHER so please make sure to tweet or post that with every MHM post you put together this month. 

We've never needed togetherness more than we do now. 

We have 5 new designs dropping and below they are listed along with what we are raising funding and awareness for. 

  • Crumbling - Depression
  • Silent Fall - Bipolar
  • Perfect Vibrations - OCD
  • Unfocused - ADHD
  • Spiraling Anxiety/Panic Disorder


Moving forward from May 1st and on we will be donating 15% of the proceeds from all sales to our partners. Before we were donating 10% sales minus shipping fees but with the 15% we will be able to donate more at a sliding scale to be able to ramp up donations much more without being held back by shipping fees which we are going to be decreasing very soon due to a new partnership.


Our April Fool's Joke this year was the change to "Nightmares" as our new logo and name. Although it was a joke it was also an introduction to our new brand. Launching on May 8th, Nightmares will work closely with DREAM to help break the stigma and raise funding and awareness for Mental Health. Nightmares will be a different take on Mental Health with more dark imagery, colors, and minimalistic designs. Make sure to sign up (https://nightmaresclothing.com/a/pre-launch) to learn more and get early access. 

Where We Are At Now

It has been a rough 2021 for us. With growth comes a lot of growing pains. With all the new color blocking, tie-dye, and custom cut & sew clothing we are making now things have been a bit slower for us than we'd like. We are now investing much more money into inventory to meet demand. We are currently in the process of shrinking our inventory and with our future drops rather than having 10-12 different variations of new designs we will have much less of each and slowly release variations as we see fit based on popularity. 

Great news with our growth is our donations. We are currently at $54,520 donated in 2021. Last year at this time we were at $23,560. Our goal in May is to hit $25,000 alone so we would really need your help to do so. 

Thank you again for everything you have done for not only the brand, but for my mental health. You have made me believe in myself as someone who can make a change in this dark and cold world. I love you all, and I hope that I can continue to be an inspiration to you all and help you with anything you may need. 

- Sammy Sucu

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