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Sometimes We All Need to Slow Down...

2021 has been an incredible year for us at DREAM. We have already surpassed last years donation total in only 7 months. We have been able to create amazing collaborations with awesome content creators and plan on doing some more in the near future. We have also been able to help different cultures, causes, and issues in the world with only our clothing. 

However, with growth comes a lot of stress. As of now we have more than 1000 pending orders and we are doing our best to get through them all. We ship close to 250+ orders per day with our small warehouse staff but in less than 6 months we have already outgrown our first warehouse. We are hoping that we can move in the future but for now we are doing what we can.

We had 12 drops scheduled for July but as of now we are going to be moving some stuff around to just catch up. Tomorrow we will be releasing a design everyone has loved since day one and it is coming back for my birthday along with a few others on Saturday. However this week and next week we will be working heavily on restocking items. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline but we are prioritizing restocking classics like Heavy Rain, Silent Fall, Seven Times Fall, and more. 

Here is an updated list as of 7/12 on what is shipping: 

7/17 - 90% of Jack Manifold to ship

7/20 - ALL of Nihachu and BigPuffer Backorders (could be sooner however)

7/20 - Any Heavy Rain/Silent Fall backorders 

7/24 - Day One Rebrand CB Hoodies

7/24 - Japanese & Chinese Mental Health Drop for Minority Mental Health Month (was scheduled for Saturday but we are trying to catch up first). 

7/31 - Back to School Drop

\We also have some collabs mixed in there but this is what it is looking like for the next few weeks. 

We really hope that we can continue to grow in this ever changing world and even though we are suffering from the worldwide pandemic (which is much bigger in countries we get our garments made in like Honduras, Mexico, India, Pakistan, China etc.) we are still doing what we can to get things out as soon as possible.

Drops will still be happening but for the next 3.5 weeks our main focus is to really catch up on everything first. We are also happy to announce that we are working with a 4th vendor now to speed even more production up.

Thank you for your support, Dreamers. 

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